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I am a London-based journalist, editor and presenter. Over the last decade I've worked across print and digital on well known publications, and enjoyed interviewing some of the world's biggest stars for print and video. 

I became editor of award-nominated luxury lifestyle publication Tempus in 2019 after successfully launching its website in 2017. I regularly host panels at Showmasters Events fan conventions, and am proud to be an industry advisor for the NCTJ. 



Read some of my work in print and online, including celebrity interviews, travel features and luxury lifestyle


Find out more about my career and editorial experience across print, digital and marketing


Juliet Herd, International

Managing Editor, HELLO!

Michelle was responsible for creating Hello!’s first in-house video content for online. She proved to be a talented interviewer and writer as well as skilled videographer. Michelle was a delight to work with; efficient, highly organised, self-motivating and a great team player. She showed initiative and always went beyond her required duties with good humour, diligence and grace.

Victoria Henson, Managing Partner, Peretti Communications

When looking for an expert to present Peretti's presentation training session, it was only natural to ask someone who has a natural, confident flair in public speaking, and who makes something that everyone is slightly nervous about sound passionate and fun. Not only does Michelle have the experience and background, but she also made it a productive and interactive session; pinpointing each challenge one faces and helping find solutions to help each individual grow. Not only was it a thoroughly enjoyable session, it was also extremely insightful and each of us learnt something new to put into practice!

Jane Housham, Press Manager

University of Hertfordshire Press

Michelle worked closely with our author to prepare her manuscript for publication. She followed a brief to make the work ready for publication while preserving the spirit of the author’s prose. In carrying out this task, Michelle worked with the utmost respect for the author’s words while bringing out qualities in them that could easily have been lost.



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