• Michelle Johnson

Tempus 75: British craftsmanship takes the spotlight in Tempus Magazine’s new issue

Nestled in an inconspicuous Georgian terrace in Kew, there is a powerhouse of English craftsmanship in the form of Boss & Co. London’s oldest gunmaker was founded by Thomas Boss in 1812 and soon gained a reputation for creating exquisitely handcrafted guns and rifles. Thomas had, like his brothers, inherited his skill and passion from his father William, who had himself moved from Leicestershire to Birmingham at 15 to apprentice as a gunmaker.

Today, Boss & Co still makes all of their guns bespoke and by hand; each one an exceptional creation for their customers, who may wait three years or more for a shotgun to be finished.

That focus on heritage craftmanship is not to say, however, that Boss & Co is stuck in time. The brand’s newest gun, the 1812 Edition, is the world’s first ever ambidextrous over-and-under side-lever shotgun, and is designed to last for generations.

Eager to explore this heritage, Tempus Magazine visited theBoss & Co factory for an exclusive cover feature – the star of an edition packed with stories of craftsmanship, heritage, innovation and ambition.

Tempus is an award-nominated luxury lifestyle magazine published bi-monthly by Vantage Media. It is distributed in five-star hotels, private members’ clubs and transport lounges (including BA Lounge at HeathrowT5 and the Eurostar Business Lounge) across London and beyond.