• Michelle Johnson

Tempus 69: How London is #buildingbackbetter as lockdown eases

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The latest issue of Tempus is out now! We're so pleased to say that, after four months of lockdown, Tempus has finally been able to return to many of its London distributors where she belongs. I'm beyond thrilled to introduce this issue, which not only celebrates some fantastic women in the fields of cinema, engineering, philanthropy and business coaching, but also celebrates London's reopening, with a decadent dining special feature and exploration of the b-corp phenomenon that is giving us hope for the future of industry.

You can read my full editor's letter here:

"Welcome back! This is the message we’re hearing loud and clear – and with increasing frequency – from so many of our favourite restaurants, hotels, members’ clubs and boutiques as they begin to reopen their doors to indulgence-starved patrons. It’s a move that denizens of good taste have embraced wholeheartedly since lockdown began to ease, despite the many changes and safeguards we must now become familiar with. For many, these are a small price to pay to reconnect with one another after what seems like so long apart.

This has been the feeling at Tempus HQ over the last few weeks, as business began to resume for our distinguished distribution partners across the capital, and we’re excited to introduce our latest issue knowing it will again be enjoyed in a familiar fashion. To celebrate being back out about town, in this issue we gather some of London’s best restaurants serving up diverse fine dining, discover why a country pile escape is so perfect right now and preview September’s London Craft Week.

As the world begins to turn again, we’ve also seen some great movements gain momentum. From the renewed urgency in tackling the climate crisis and the historic Black Lives Matter protests, to the impact of Covid-19 upon our collective mental health, there is a common assertion from our expert contributors across a diverse range of industries that now is the time look towards rebuilding our economy – and our society – with compassion.

This is nowhere more perfectly exemplified than by the sudden rise in B-Corps and the #BuildBackBetter movement, as our wealth editor explores on page, while even property market trends have turned to the creation of sustainable boutique ecosystems to attract socially conscious young buyers. Entertainment Mindframe founder Adaire Byerly delves into the psychology of these trends, and reveals how creative minds might be the key to pushing through troubled times.

This positive outlook continues in our star interviews, led by Wonder Woman 1984 powerhouse Gal Gadot. In our cover feature, we chat with the in-demand Israeli actress about what it takes to be an action hero and working with women who excel.

Elsewhere, the world’s most influential tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou tells us how he’s revolutionising the game beyond his exceptional work with Serena Williams; Maddox Gallery’s Jay Rutland shares his love for contemporary art and reveals some exciting news about the brand’s next venture; and Bremont co-founder Giles English tells us why he’s passionate about bringing haute horology back home."