• Michelle Johnson

Tempus 65: what pro athletes can teach us about leadership

Tempus Magazine's final issue of 2019 is dedicated to the world of sport, Tempus 65 celebrates the athletes gearing up for 2020 – from next year's Olympians to the most exciting names in their weight class. One such athlete is our cover star, British light-heavyweight champion boxer Joshua Buatsi, who ends 2019 undefeated and ready to go for his third championship belt.

We met Buatsi at BXR London for an exclusive photoshoot. Clad in a Huntsman of Savile Row suit (below right), the 26-year-old shed light on the business of professional boxing, and how his training has changed his mindset and taught him to lead by example, and that being confident in his body's strength and explosive ability means he can ditch the bravado when outside of the ring. His attitude and charisma were entirely refreshing, and reminiscent of other world champions of previous generations – no wonder world heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua is so confident about his mentee Buatsi's future in the sport.

While I'm as far from an athlete as it's possible to get, the last year has brought many personal and professional changes into my own life, from working on branding projects with Vantage Media to becoming acting editor of our flagship, Tempus. Adapting to these circumstances has meant embracing change, emphasising teamwork and collaboration, and learning how to step up to the plate.

It's because of this, perhaps, that I'm finding myself becoming more and more interested in leadership – what is a good leader? How can we lead with compassion? Can we be leaders while still being part of a collaborative team or does one preclude the other?

The range of interviews in this issue – we chat to everyone from England Cricket's Mo Bobat, Arctic explorer Inge Solheim, to six Team GB hopefuls and trainer to the stars Luke Worthington – was a perfect introduction to these concepts of leadership, discipline and mindset, and has only ignited my interest further. I hope you enjoy the issue!

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