• Michelle Johnson

Burlingtons Magazine 03: A new dawn for the UK and speaking with lawyer to the stars, Brian Eagles

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

This week, Vantage Media introduced Burlingtons Magazine's third edition. Published on the eve of Brexit's completion, this issue delves into the fascinating history of the EU and our evolving relationship with Europe.

This winter edition also delves inside the world of maverick jeweller Theo Fennell just in time for Valentine's day, and explores the British beauty brands to keep your skin feeling supple in the winter weather. It also features expert advice from Deutsche Bank, Venture Risks, and the Burlingtons Group team themselves.

I was also fascinated to interview Burlingtons' lawyer Brian Eagles. As a lawyer to the stars – including Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – his life is one that could be played out on the silver screen.

Burlingtons Magazine is a quarterly, 80-page lifestyle magazine designed to inform its affluent readers about a range of topics covering legal, real estate and private office, as well as bringing the best of business and lifestyle products from Mayfair and beyond.